We are pleased to introduce the W12 Framework.

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It’s time to Drive-In new beginnings!

Join us for two exciting events:
W12+ Online: Mobilizing Private Finance for Urban Water Projects Globally on October 1, 2020
and W12+ Drive-In: World Premiere of a Waterwise Future for All on October 22, 2020 (TBC)

Mobilizing private finance for urban water projects globally.

Date: October 1 2020 Time: 5PM SA / 8 AM Pacific

  • Unlocking and mobilizing innovative private finance for urban water projects. Discussion points will focus on new and creative opportunities for cities to access funding on capital markets for long term projects through risk reduction techniques, innovative financial instruments, and new types of public-private-partnerships.
  • This online event will set the scene for follow-up conversations at the W12+ Drive-In and will aim to identify several examples of relevant funding solutions for cities. These solutions may include debt conversion options, water funds, and other innovative finance facilities.
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W12+ WORLD PREMIERE of first socially distanced showcase for a Waterwise Future for all.

Date: 22 October 2020 (TBC) in Cape Town

  • The world’s first drive-in convention, in partnership with Mother City Drive-in, is being held on 22 October 2020 (TBC) in Cape Town (and virtually) in celebration of water, where attendees will be entertained, inspired, and moved to cherish, nurture and champion the world’s most precious resource.  The convention aims to drive in new measures for water security and drive out the barriers that prevent access to clean water.  The W12 Congress was scheduled for May 2020, when delegations from around the world intended to visit the mother city and sign onto the ‘Major Cities Best Practice Water Protocol’. W12+ has now reinvented itself in the wake of Covid-19 to become relevant to world audiences while still holding an actual event – one that is safe with all necessary social distancing and health precautions in place.
  • Now that both government and global investment companies are realising the dire need to invest in sustainability, with water listed as the imperative enabling priority, the investment will have positive economic outcomes. The W12+ drive-in convention will showcase some of the projects that are already a reality.
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Join Brave Blue World at W12+ Drive-In.

  • The new documentary, Brave Blue World, which features Matt Damon, Jaden Smith, and Liam Neeson will be shown at the W12+ Drive-In! The documentary paints an optimistic picture of how humanity is adopting new technologies and solutions to re-think how we manage water. We have been on an incredible journey to meet with pioneers and innovators who are addressing global water and sanitation challenges. Their stories reveal a hopeful and optimistic future for our most precious resource.
Watch the Trailer here


What is W12

  • Increased access to financing for water projects to local and global businesses and cities
  • Improving capacity and management of water projects to ensure their success
  • Fostering peer to peer learning (city-to-city) of best practices and lessons learned

W12 Congress is a run by a unique collaboration between Save Our Schools NPO and the Institute for Ecological Civilization.

In partnership with UNESCO, the W12 Congress will form an integral part of a Netflix Documentary entitled “Water Wise: How Not to Drain a Country”.

Why is W12 Important?

By 2050 almost 2 billion people living in cities will suffer water shortages as demand for water increases by up to 70% (World Bank). Extremely high water stress can threaten national security. Solutions must be found and implemented now. The need to work together locally and internationally to ensure the future of our world’s water is evident.


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