The Vice President of the Republic of Colombia, Marta Lucía Ramírez De Rincón, is attending the W12 Global Congress, presented by Grundfos, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in May 2020.   She joins other dignitaries, mayoral delegations and VIPS from countries all over the world when they converge in Cape Town for the W12 Congress to debate, discuss and decide on a future ‘shared’ protocol for managing and conserving the world’s water resources.

At the W12 Congress, Marta Lucía Ramírez de Rincón will share a presentation that her Government has developed in preparation for an impending ‘Day Zero’ scenario.  This contradicts the widely held assumptions that major cities and countries are better equipped to provide better water and sanitation services than those found in rural areas and demonstrates that while Colombia may be one of the wettest countries on earth, its water infrastructure is not adequately equipped and that Bogota is considerably water-challenged.

In June 2016, Worldview reported that Colombia is awash with water resources but is facing economic water scarcity, which is when demand for water outstrips the inadequate capacity caused by insufficient infrastructure. Rural areas have further limited access to water because of even worse and insufficient infrastructure.

More recently, in the Colombia Reports, it was stated the Colombia, even though it is the world’s 24th country with the most plentiful water resource, is on the fast track to be one of the major global cities to suffer economically from water shortages by 2050.

According to a recent study published by the World Economic Forum, the mismanagement of Colombia’s waters has placed it high on the list of countries which will suffer economically from water shortages within the next 30 years.

W12 Congress organiser, SOS NPO’s CEO, Shelley Humphreys says:  “Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez De Rincón is only one of twenty-one women in the word to hold a Vice President position. To have this incredibly powerful, positive and driven woman participate in the W12 Congress is a huge honour and a big indication of how seriously certain countries are beginning to take future water challenges. Partnerships and engagement like these are essential to prepare and open up for the necessary international funding required for long term water related projects.”

About the W12 Congress (18 – 20 May 2020):

The City of Cape Town proudly welcomes you to the W12 Congress, an International Conference and Expo that seeks to create the world’s first “Major City Best Practice Water Protocol” and strengthen the citizen-driven governance of alternative sustainable water solutions.

The Congress brings together city officials, academics, business executives, water experts, and students from major cities in the world that are likely to face a Day Zero scenario in the next 24 – 36 months. Cape Town was the first major city to face – and so far avoid – what has become known as Day Zero (the day that water resources are completely depleted and taps run dry).