The International Water Bank (IWB), an official Global Strategic partner of the W12 Congress, which has been established to invest in innovation and solutions that promote sustainable water usage globally, with a capital investment in excess of US$1-trillion, will visit Cape Town for the world’s first water congress, W12 (29-31 January 2020).  The IWB will actively engage with companies and governments to identify projects and initiatives with which they could invest. 

Representatives from the IWB, facilitated by SOSNPO and W12, are inviting corporates and individuals that have developed or want to pitch water-related initiatives and enterprises, to meet with IWB in meetings, to during the W12 Congress.Businesses and entrepreneurs have a crucial role to play in the new water and climate change arena and evidenced by the emergence of a new type of entrepreneur. Pioneers are producing conceptual ideas, new products and transformative business models that have intelligence and integrity and this is what SOSNPO, the organisers of the event, will showcase at the W12 Congress in Cape Town in 2020.

The W12 Congress, is an International Conference and Expo that will bring together city officials, academics, business executives, water experts, and students from major cities in the world that are likely to face a Day Zero scenario within the next 24 – 36 months. Cape Town was the first major city to face – and avoid – what has become known as Day Zero (the day that water resources are completely depleted and taps run dry).

The IWB aims to be the first bank in the world to help overcome the obstacles of investing in the water sector by providing financial products and solutions dedicated to lending for water projects, technologies, infrastructure, and other water-related initiatives, as well by providing professional advisory and structuring services for the water sector around the world.

Water is a human right and the IWB mission is to provide integral solutions to people’s need for water globally and to support sustainable development of the water resources management and their focus is to improve people’s conditions and livelihood, while also providing finance for the water industry and yielding attractive returns for investors.

Founder and Chairman of the Board of the International Water Bank, Mr. Rashad Shawa, says: “We are positive that we will come across internationally ready innovations in Cape Town because this city was the catalyst to this now urgent global movement and is leading the way to manage and solve the world’s water crisis.”

Mr. Rashad Shawa will be joining the Keynote Speaker Panel with Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday 30th January 2020.

Mr. Rashad Shawa

– Founder and Chairman of the Board of the International Water Bank
– Chairman of Mai Resources International (Switzerland) AG
– Member of the World Water Council and the Arab Water Council
– International Banker and Member of the Executive Board and Head of the Middle East department, and Senior Advisor to the Board of several International Banks in the UK and Switzerland
– Current and Former Board Member for Regional and International Institutions including Babson College in the United States,  the number one university for entrepreneurship

Watch: The Official Video Presentation of The International Water Bank

The IWA joins the W12 as a Global Strategic Partner along with UNESCO, IDA, WISA, SIWI and Climate Change Projects.

W12 Congress – Cities. Water. Solutions.

Editors Notes:

January 27-28: Summit meeting of city administrators with scientific, policy, and NPO leaders. By-invitation-only sessions take a deep dive into visioning, back casting, and finalizing the W12 Framework document ― a roadmap of what cities and their partners can do to adapt to the reality of water scarcity.

January 29-31: Global Congress at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. International experts. Davos-style panels of industry and political leaders. What’s new, and what’s working ― best practices, breakthrough technologies, guidelines for resilience planning. Expo and VIP sessions.

Issued on behalf of SOS NPO and W12 Congress

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