Partners & Contributors

All partnerships should be based upon the principle of good trust between the parties involved. In a successful collaboration, both parties benefit from the agreement. Supporting W12 will differentiate your organisation from its competitors, enhance its image, build brand loyalty, shape consumer attitudes, create positive publicity, heighten visibility, increase the organisation’s know-how in the water sector and help develop corporate core values among staff.

South African W12 Institutional Partners already include:

• Department of Water & Sanitation (DWS)
• WESGRO – Tourism, Trade & Investment Agency of the Western Cape
• University of Cape Town (UCT)
• Stellenbosch University Water Institute (SUWI)
• ICLEI Africa
• University of the Western Cape (UWC)
• Stellenbosch River Collaborative (SRC)
• The Ecological Society of Civilisation
• South African Tourism
• Future Water and African Climate Development Initiative


As a UNESCO partner, we will discuss how climate change is affecting Cape Town and other treasured locales worldwide and what can be done to protect them. Detailed will be UNESCOs programs in the sciences, education and culture contributing to the creation of knowledge, educational tools, the expansion of communications, and the increased understanding of the ethical implications for present and future generations.

W12 accepts support from companies and corporate foundations:

  • That contribute or support W12’s vision of a water wise world
  • That combine social, environmental and economic impacts of their investments
  • That are socially, financially and environmentally responsible
  • That want to include water issues as an integral part of their business plan
  • That work with the SDG6 goals as a focus
  • That comply with the UN and ILO declarations on human rights and working conditions

W12 avoids support from companies and corporate foundations:

  • That work with production and sales of hard liquor, tobacco, pornography, or weapons
  • Whose core business is related to extraction/production of fossil fuels and development of 
hydropower and that do not comply with globally recognised environmental standards
  • That have been found guilty of fraud and corruption, human rights abuse, environmental 
degradation or tax evasion
  • That are black listed on the World Bank Listing of Ineligible Firms & Individuals or are suspended 
from the UN’s vendor list and barred from applying for procurement contracts with the UN
  • That could damage the trust and confidence in W12 and most importantly SOSNPO
  • That are discriminating of colour, gender or sexual orientation

Open IP

SOSNPO operates under a strictly Open Intellectual Property Policy, where all learning, innovations, and solutions are documented and shared with anyone interested in improving conditions for the less privileged global citizens around the world. It is a part of SOSNPO’s mission to share information, lessons learned in a partnership-friendly model.