W12 Organizers

The Institute for Ecological Civilization

The Institute for Ecological Civilization works internationally to support systemic approaches to long-term sustainability by developing collaborations among government, business, and religious leaders and among scholars, activists, and policy makers. We build effective partnerships across social sectors through consultations, think-tank gatherings, and policy engagement.

The Institute carries out its mission in multiple ways:
• Conduct academic research that takes ecological civilization as its subject.
• Provide education through courses, conferences, and social media.
• Amplify voices with indispensable information and those who inspire social change.
• Support concrete projects in local settings based on the principles of an ecological civilization.


SOS NPO – Save our Schools’ mission is to improve water equity within communities, primarily focusing on sanitation and hygiene in schools, by providing sustainable water solutions through partnerships with businesses and other organisations.

Pancho Campo – Chrand Marketing & Events

Upon stepping off the tennis courts, Olympic Captain in Barcelona 92 and ATP tennis professional Pancho Campo opened his own events management company Chrand Marketing & Events.

This stage of his career had him working in events such as Davis Cup, the Pro Beach Soccer Tour and sports tournaments with fellow celebrities Andre Agassi, Stefan Edberg, Pat Cash and Eric Cantona. He later on expanded to music, promoting concerts with legendary music artists Sting, Enrique Iglesias and Pink Floyd.

Pancho has produced world-class conferences with leaders such as US President Barack Obama, Vice-President Al Gore, and United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan. As the creator of several international conferences on Climate Change & Wine, and the new Climate Change Leadership summit, he was trained by Vice-President Gore and worked with him in several occasions.

Driven by his long time passion for wine, in 2004 he founded The Wine Academy of Spain, the Spanish Wine Experience and was a pioneer in the study of climate change and its impact on this industry.

His extensive experience in the fields of sports, music, wine and the environment, supported by his unparalleled charisma and communication skills make Pancho Campo a fantastic public speaker, specially in the fields of the orange economy, climate change and event management.

Pancho is an inspiring motivational speaker who also speaks of stress management learned from his incredible personal story, and on from his experience working with the previously mentioned celebrities. His work on motivation and stress management for the corporate world and sports people gave rise to his book Inspírate.

Pancho has been a speaker and consulted for multinationals, governments, corporations and NGOs in more than 20 countries from the US to China, and is fluent both in English and Spanish.